Revenant looking for Grace

revenant looking for his wife1

West Side Lust

tgl - west side lust finished

Call of Demons Dark


Blake’&'Jake’s Dollhouse : advertising for the western revenant whorehouse


Advertising for the B’n'J’s Dollhouse, Scarlet Springs’ whorehouse saloon with revenant girls.

My Name is Revenant


the Glorious Land – the Western Whore


Elody Nox & Wormwood

elody-nox wormwood

Two new characters from my story the Glorious Land, miss Elody Nox the cheating cards player, and Wormwood, one of the best six-shooters user in the west. Hope you’ll enjoy them!


The Glorious Land

the-glorious-land3-rln the-glorious-land-2

The Glorious Land is one of my last stories. It is an uchronie based on the Secession War, here are two posters about it.


Cloak : Tinker Force


A little springy inspiration with that TinkerBell in the Spade’s way.

Express Liner Victory II


The Express Liner Victory II makes the round trip from the Primavera’s harbor and the far kingdom of Oz. Hope you’ll enjoy this.